Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock

Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock
Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock

Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock

Dwinguler Large Kid's Castle Playpen. We have a proven track record over the years. We have 1000s of satisfied customers all over the world. We use UPS and royalmail first class to post items to buyers. Safe and fun, the Dwinguler Large Kid's Castle Playpen is a superb play space for your little one, as it is easy to assembly and transport and features an impeccable secure design with double locks and more.

Swinging hinged door with safety lock. Measures 94" L x 59" W.

Each panel is 1-4/5 thick. Enjoy a safe, clean, and extra-comfy place on the floor with the Large Kid's Castle Playpen by Dwinguler. Large, wide, thick, and light design for maximum efficiency and safety. Double lock provides secure locking.

Visible window allows parents to keep a better eye on their children. Non-slip foot coverings for extra stability. Aids in your child's sensory development.

Suitable for children ages 6 months and up. This thing has made it a lot easier to have a safe place for Mini to play. She loves it, and I have had extra time to babyproof the rest of the living room thanks to it. It does take up a lot of floor space, but 100% worth it!

Very well made and my grandson will enjoy it for months to come! Wonderful and safe play area while your infant or toddler discovers all that is around them: colors, tactile wall for play, and they can scoot around in a large space! Our son is crawling all over and we are leaving for a week soon.

My in laws will be watching him so we knew we needed something to contain him! Its a great size, fun activities included! A neutral color wouldve been nice but Im picky. Safe & Secure Play Space! First off, this playpen is massive; there is enough room for my husband, our infant daughter, and I to play comfortably! The playpen keeps her safe from the hazards around the house while providing plenty of room to crawl, explore, and play. Our daughter loves the activity center as well as peeking through the openings along the wall & the door. The walls can be pushed out slightly; however, we havent had any issues with them disconnecting from one another. If you have the space, I would recommend this playpen a thousand times over! This item was perfect for our needs. Our 8 month old was starting to crawl and this was the perfect item to keep him within a safe boundary. The playpen area is huge, big enough for me to fully lie down and play with the little guy and I'm 6'2. I like that they are also eco friendly and baby safe. This is a fantastic playyard! Combined with the playmat by this same company we created a safe space where the baby can explore and grow... Testing his new motor abilities. It is large to accommodate the new crawler and the adorable cutouts on the sides leave handles to encourage pulling up to get ready to walk. There is a door with a lock that slides... Save the box it comes in as this is a true keeper! It is comfortable to assembly and light, and good. I bought for my grandson , he enjoy to play inside of this playpen, we also satisfied to keep him there. Great for a child that is trying to walk. Keeps him safe in one place. There is also plenty of room for toys, and for one of us to get in with him. Its huge plus I also put some extra toys inside and its perfect to keep the toys in one place. Very durable and kids enjoyed spending time in it. Good quality, my baby boy is really happy , nice colors , perfect style. The playpen fits perfectly wrapping around the large babycare playmat I already own.

When I needed space at home for party, I can shrink down the playpen by taking off 4 panels on the longer side. I only struggled with locking the gate since it has to match perfectly. I really love the fact that this playpen has no unpleasant smell at all. It is colorful and has safe round corners.

The cons would be 1 the suction cups does not work well even on hardwood floors; 2 the door does not latch well, I need to tilt it a little bit every time I close it. With a price tag like this, I didnt expect problem like this. Overall its a great playpen, but I think its a little overpriced. This castle is wonderful for our daughter!

We are able to put a lot of toys in there and it keeps her contained an occupied if I need to get something done. The one and only drawback to it that I'm not completely happy with is the latch on the door. It's not the easiest to get the door locked again.

That's minor though, overall this is a great playpen! Baby loves it keeps her occupied for a good hour or more. This is great for babies that are crawling/walking because is big enough for them to move and is also safe! We got this for my twin boys and I absolutely love this... Its become the new living room but we all spend time with the kids in it. Its big and roomy and safe.

I'm sure its gonna be around for years. Good sturdy quality, attached toys, bright colors, roomy.

Pricey but keeps our little one safe. While renovations are going on in our house, we knew we needed something for our 6 month old, who is now almost 9 months. We love this play castle! Our daughter is now pulling up to stand and pulls on the sides and things to get herself to standing. She does still weeble wobble a bit but it has stayed stationary for the most part.

Easy to put together, cute design, and works perfectly to keep babies away from toddlers at daycare. Product is very sturdy and feels good quality. My daughter loves playing in it. We bought it for our 8.5months old son to keep him contained in his little area.

It's absolutely gorgeous and so functional at the same time. Great material too, does not have any odor out of the box.

Our son's not a great fan of it. Probably feels he's being caged. I'm sure he's going to love it as he grows older. That might be an issue when you dont have space; I had to get rid of my breakfast nook table in order to get this to fit but it is so colorful and my son absolutely loves it.

It is very sturdy but be warned that the suction cups do not work at all. Bought it for my grandson turns out to be the best investment.

He has all the room to move around and play. Perfect for keeping litte one occupied. I wish that I had bought this earlier.

My son is 14 months and he loves it. I have a play mat inside that is it width of it. It is so easy to put together, but I have it on wood floor and it moves. There are suction cups at the bottom but it doesn't stick to the wood. I can now get many things done around the house now. My grand babies are safe and able to play with lots of room. I can even join them from time to time. Very high quality and much bigger than expected. I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing a "playpen" atmosphere.

It also gives mom a little freedom to get things done knowing that baby can play in a safe environment. It is great for the safety of my crawling infant.

This playpen is really good. Its very spacious and allows our son to crawl around and play safely but not feel so confined. The wall of cogs and spinning toys keeps him entertained as well. Our only issue with it is that he can push the walls outward when he pulls himself up to cruise along them. We have one side stationary along a living room wall but the other unsupported sides can be pushed outward even though there are plastic parts that attempt to hold the joints together as well as suction cups to hold it to the floor.

The suction cups do not work on ours because they are actually elevated off the wood floor. All in all I would still recommend this playpen but just keep an eye out in case your kid(s) push on the walls. This play yard allows me to get so much more done, as I can just put my 9 month in there with her toys and she stays occupied for a while. We often go in there with her, as it's so spacious.

Bought the mat to go with it, so it's real comfy to sit and play in. My only issues are that it was pricey, plus it moves whenever baby holds onto it to stand.

The suction cups aren't great and won't hold stuck on my wood floor. Apart from that, we all love it! It is BIG, but we adults get inside with her to play, she is completely safe; away from electric outlets and things to pull down.

She loves the colors and the one wall of activities. Not very portable as it is bulky, but light and easy enough to move for vacuuming underneath.

A little pricey, but I recommend it. Easy to construct, baby loves the colors and enjoys playing with the built in toys.

We sit inside with her to play, she is safe. I like that it looks more like a castle than a cage. My son is definitely an active little guy and when his play yard was just not enough space for him to play, I turned to this! Plenty of room for him to roam and can play safely. Totally recommend the mat that goes along with it.

Being that he's learning to walk now, he tumbles a lot and doesn't get hurt! I love this play pen for my grandchildren. It is large enough for an adult to get in and play with the baby. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. There is room to store their toys. DEFINITELY OVERPRICED, BUT, GRANDSON LOVES IT, AND USES IT DAILY, AND THAT IS WHAT REALLY COUNTS! I recommend this for anyone with small kids 8 months +. It's safe, it's big and will keep your kid occupied for hours!

This is ideal for bigger babies, even though we're using it for our 9 month old granddaughter. Solid plastic sides connect with molded hinge pins, and it comes together like that.

Now that she's smaller, and doesn't walk or stand solo yet, she's tipped over and hit her head on the plastic sides, which isn't as good as a padded and netted playpen, but it's not really hard, and in a short time, she'll be up and moving about the whole area, (we bought the pad for underneath). Now she crawls all over, but put enough toys in there and it should keep her busy. Castle Playpen a big hit! The castle playpen is a huge hit.

I do wish there were more stations with toys but the toys station that is on one of the panels is great! I watch my grandson who became mobile just recently and it is a life saver. If I need to run to the kitchen for a quick minute then I know he is safe.

It does take up a lot of room but I think that will be nice as he gets bigger. We like it, but watch those little fingers.

For the most part, the play castle has been a great investment. One downfall of the product is that it does not maintain its rectangular shape.

The green bars that come with the assembly do not snap in place, they slide around, allowing the play area to buckle in spots. If The green pieces were longer or snapped in place, I believe the structure would maintain its shape better and my son's fingers wouldn't get pinched as often. I know the price is steep, but well worth it! Well made, and the activity wall is a very nice feature. My 8 month old now has a safe place to explore and play.

We did get the mat as well, it is non toxic and will have it for years to come. This is a creative, fun and educational way to keep your little ones safe.

I really like the Dwinguler Large Kid's Castle playpen. I watch my grandson two days a week. It is an area I can put him in while I pop out of the room for minute and I know he will be safe.

It give a child lots of room to move around and play with toys or I can join him inside the enclosure to play also. Great size, plenty of room for my 10 month old to crawl and roll around.

The playmate is a little bit smaller in size than the castle. Overall the castle has good materials quality and easy to use. Our little one has started crawling, pulling himself up on anything he can, and cruising, and this is a life saver for us! It is really stable and sturdy on our floor, so we don't have to worry about it falling over on him.

He's very content playing with his toys in the area, pulling himself up on the walls, and playing with one of the sections that doubles as an activity wall. It doesn't have a floor, but we've used the puzzle piece mats and find that works very well since we have hardwood floors. I love this castle playpen, it gives my 8 month old daughter more than enough space to play in and freedom to explore. The only negative is the suction cups that do not stick well to my tiled floor. This causes the playpen wall to move when she is trying to stand up since she is not yet standing unassisted.

I bought some suction cups and placed 2 on each long side to keep this from happening. Other wise, I would give this 5 stars. Customer service is our top priority!

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Large Kid Castle Playpen Child Toddler Play Safety Fence Panel Double Lock

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